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hi. i just got a samsung 840 pro 256 gb SSD. i put it in my laptop and did a clean installation of win7 home64 bit. I installed the magician through the CD proided. But when i try to download the firmware through the magician, it just downloads 2 ENC files.. what is this and how can i update my firmware?

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  1. found this hope it will help adding this program that could open the files
  2. First - Which Samsung firmware is currently installed on your 840 Pro? The first thing you need to figure out is whether you even need to update the firmware.
  3. thanks. is installing the firmware absolutely necessary? like installing the latest driver for your video card? or will i be fine without it?
  4. im not sure if any firmware is installed. i just did stuck it in my laptop and did a clean win 7 install. then i installed the magacian with the CD samsung provided.
  5. To check the f/w version perform the following:

    Run the Samsung SSD Magician > System Information > Drive Summary > Samsung SSD Pro Series

    From here you will see all the information on the right hand side about the drive including the f/w. DXM04B0Q should be the latest.

    As to the question
    is installing the firmware absolutely necessary?

    You should as the first batch of these drives were released with wonky f/w which caused some issues which were then later rectified with new f/w.
  6. Just decompress both files to one folder.
    Then click on browse and select the folder from above, click ok and proceed-
  7. Most Firmware updates do one of two things:
    1) Fix bugs - Yes
    2) improve performance. Depends if minor performance boost, probably not,as you would not detect a real performance increase in day-to-day usage. If a good performance boost, then user call.
    NOTE: some times manuf do NOT state all the changes which would indicate probably a good Idea.

    Absolutely Yes, if there is a bug that will cause you a problem, or if you are experinencing problems. ie Crucial M4's had a bug that would "kill your SD when it hit 5000 Hrs. Intel had a bug that would cause the SSD to suddenly drop to 8 mb size - ouch.

    For deteriming Fireware installed, yes magician will work fine. Personnaly I like to run AS SSD as it will indiate:
    .. Make model
    .. Fireware installed
    .. Driver used (ie you DO NOT want to see "ide = BAD"
    .. Partion alignment - want to see "OK"
    DO NOT need to run the benchmark, just open the program and look at the upper left.
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