Question about the included standard (Audiophiles please help)

I have just purchased this mobo:

As well as some ATH AD700s. Long story short, I was wondering if the sound card is good and if i can expect to hear some awesome sound?
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  1. Sound should be "awesome". The on-board audio should meet the needs of the vast number of users. True audiophiles would suggest you should have a stand-alone sound card for the best sound quality (due to mobo interference with on-board devices).

    Are you concerned with gaming, audio/video, or music quality?
  2. Honestly, a bit of everything. i listen to music often on my computer, but i game a lot on it as well.
  3. You really should be fine with the on-board sound included with this motherboard. If, after to play with it awhile, you decide you want to step up, then come back for suggestions.

    I would be surprised if what you just bought won't meet your expectations. Have fun!
  4. Listening to a .flac with good headphones on this soundcard sounds absolutely amazing. I've never heard anything like it before, thanks a bunch!

    Currently using my brothers Sennheisers, can't wait for my AD700's.
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