Seeking Advice on Proposed Build

Hello all,

I’m sure this kind of thing is posted all the time, so I apologize … but I could certainly use some input if anyone has the time.

I am in the process of building a new system. The primary use for this system will be gaming (ArmA II, Civ V, and StarCraft II will be the first games to be played but more will come). Budget is $1k.

While I want to game with it, I’m also working towards putting together a media PC. I’m not ready yet but will later add a Blu-Ray drive and a sound card. This will pair up nicely with my Sony Bravia TV, which I may also use as a gaming monitor from time to time in the meantime.

Here’s the system as it stands now:


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE | 3.4GHz Quad-Core

Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO

Memory: G.SKILL DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) | 8GB (2x4GB)

Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770 (not exactly sure which one of the two below)

Hard Drive: Western Digital WD6400AAKS | 640GB 7200RPM

Wireless Card: Rosewill RNX-6300LX | B/G/N

Case: Antec Three Hundred

Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-650TX | 650W

Monitor: ASUS VH242H | 23.6’’ LED




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  1. The only thing I would switch out is the HDD.
    A couple more bucks can get you a WD Black or save a couple bucks by getting
    a Samsung F3 500GB
  2. Thanks for the thoughts, Masterasia. I will consider the swap. I'm definitely not set on that HDD. In fact, there are some 1TB drives in the similar price range now. Thoughts on that?

    Another question to you and to all: am I better off dropping the video card down a bit and buying two to crossfire or should I stay with what I have?

    In this build, I should also note Intel vs. AMD was a huge question. There's some great Intel stuff out there. I typically go to AMD, but some of the mobo options with the i7 are appealing even though they could break the budget. Will I regret the AMD a year from now (I want this guy to last me a while for gaming)?

  3. Anyone else have ideas on this?

  4. If it's just for gaming, then AMD is fine.
    If you're doing video and 3D stuff then, I would recommend Intel.

    Also, it wouldn't be worth it to Crossfire any cards lower than the 5750.
    2 5750 will almost be like one 5850 and 2 5770 will almost be like one 5870.
  5. I would get this power suply and save your self 15.00

    Iwould get this hard drive... Cost the same, just as fast or faster, reliable and higher capacity.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts. I definitely appreciate the input.

    I'll avoid Crossfire and stick with the highest card I can afford for now, then.

    I've also decided to hold off a day or two and see if those HD 6000s release as anticipated so I can explore price drops.
  7. Thanks, sportsfanboy!
  8. Np GL
  9. Boy is that interesting!

    Anyone think I should make the jump up to the HD 6850? $179 to outperform the HD 5770. Hmmm...

    This also begs the 6850 vs. 5830 question. After rebate, the 5830 is now cheaper than the 6850; yet it specs out better (closer to 5850, but not quite). Like many things, the specs may not be all that govern, but still a question...

    Or perhaps I should hunt through the price drops to come from nVidia... Or watch the 5770 drop and then get two to Crossfire. Oh golly! Choices...

    Advice anyone!? This is definitely where I can easily get hung up and confused...
  10. I say go for the 6850 or 6870 cards. Great bang for the buck.
  11. Yeah the 6850 will perform similar to a gtx 460 for what early reviews have said. Pretty good bang for the buck.
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