I have a Western Digital WD1600HLHX and i want to get a second one and set them up in RAID0.

Been looking on ebay, and there are lots of 1600HLFS on there at good prices but not many 1600HLHX.

Was wondering what the difference is between the HLHX and HLFS?

Would i be better off getting an HLHX the same as mine or will an HLFS do the job just as well?

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  1. WD Internal Hard Drives Comparison Chart:

    "HLHX models feature a SATA 6 Gb/s interface and 32 MB cache."

    The HLFS appears to have a SATA 3 Gb/s interface and 16 MB cache.

    WD Model Number Format for OEM and Distribution Channels:
  2. Thank you very much, that was exactly what i was looking for but i couldnt find it on their website.

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