Clicking or rattle noise from graphically intense games.

As the title says I'm getting a clicking or rattling noise from my case when playing graphically intense games (Like SC2, WoW, Red Faction Gorilla all maxed out and at 1920x1080). It doesn't ever do this when I play games like Minecraft (unless I just finished playing the other games I listed) so I'm thinking it's a fan rattling, but all those other games do pull a lot of data from the HDD all the time. I've tried to pinpoint the noise itself with the case being off but have had no luck so far. Any ideas?

Also is it odd to be getting around 80c on those games from my GPU (Sapphire HD 5770) and around 60c on my CPU (AMD Athon II x4 630)? I'm running that in a stock Dell Inspiron 580 case sadly.
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  1. You need to figure out where its coming from really.

    Just stick your finger or a pencil in some of the fans to see if it stops making the noise.

    Run something heavy like 3Dmark while examining.

    Your temps aren't OTT under load, could be better with better case cooling.

    You sure its not coming from your psu? Whats the make and model?
  2. M power supply is a Fatality 550w OCZ550FTY, and the noise sounds more like its from the front or middle of the case, not the top where the PSU is.
  3. Psu should be ok then, run 3dm with side off and see if you can pinpoint it.
  4. use a empty paper towel tube or similar use as primitive stethoscope (though if you have any medical friends that can let you borrow one that would be great)
    clicking and rattling make me think hard drive
    link hd failure:
  5. I'm gonna take the side off and check tomorrow and report back what I find.

    Oddly though the past two times I've left a silverlight video paused (a paused netflix movie) my PC has restarted and the error for shutdown was Bluescreen according to it. I never see the bluescreen as it instantly restarts and this happens after the movie has been paused for around 10 minutes.
  6. mmmmm clicking and bluescreens, sounds like hdd, time to back up your data I think.

    Whats the make and model of your hdd?
  7. It's whatever Dell used as default, I'm not home at the moment (using my phone to write this). It only gives me blue screen from silverlight though.
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