Should this procedure & set-up work?

Hi, I am trying to figure out whether what I am about to attempt is as easy as I lay it out to be.

I am currently using a 160GB HDD as my C:\ system drive, and 250GB & 500GB HDDs for media storage.

Here's what I would like to do.
I'm planning on getting 2 WD 500GB HDDs and placing them into RAID-1, then enabling Intel SRT with a 30GB SSD on this drive, in which afterward, I will clone my win7 system to the new drives on RAID, using acronis true image. The media storage drives will stay untouched and without acceleration.

I intend on doing it this way so I can set up SRT without touching the registry (was planning on moving my system to a 500GB hdd anyway), have RAID, and then use my 160GB disk as an external.

Can someone plz tell me if this will work the way I think it should? Thanks! :D

Also, if it does work, where should I plug the second SATA cable into when replacing the source drive with those in RAID after the cloning step?
And are there going to be drivers that will need to be reinstalled?
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  1. Ok, I figured some of it out on my own.

    I overlooked editing the registry. I needed to do it anyway since I had windows already on the 160GB hah. I have the 2 drives in RAID-1, and the array can be accelerated (attempt successful).

    -> Here's the thing I'm wondering about. It's more of a general RAID connection question:
    Once I clone my system drive to the new array, I'll have to unplug the old drive, and at this point, I want to switch one of the connections for one of the HDDs in RAID. So will the array still function even if one drive is in a new port?

    Basically, HD1 = old drive, HD2' and HD2''= drives in RAID-1.
    HD1 is in port X, while HD2' and HD2" are in ports Y and Z, respectively.
    When HD1 is removed, can HD2' be connected in port X and have the array still work??? Thanks.
  2. Update 3 lol. I read that the drives in a RAID array are independent of the sata ports they are plugged into, as long as they are on the same controller. So I tried it out, and it works : D

    So I've successfully gotten 2 new drives in RAID-1, cloned my system with acronis, rearranged the sata connections, and used enabled SRT thru RST.

    No one has replied to me lol, but I suppose this post may help someone in the future.
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