Looking for 22" LED Full HD Monitor?


I want at least a 22" monitor, LED backlighting with a true HDMI input (along with DVI etc)

Been looking at the LG models, but not sure if they actually HDMI cable etc

Hooking it up to Nvidia GT460 OC platinum edition, so want to utilise the HD output

What are the differences between the different LG models E2240T vs E2240S vs all the other 22" ones they do. All look the same but scan, aria, ebuyer dont list connections or differences

Am open to other brands, but the above look good for the money

Don't want to spend any more than £125

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  1. You wont see any difference between using the DVI output and a HDMI output. If you're only looking for a monitor with a HD port to plug your computer in you're wasting your money. The reason your graphics card has a HD output is for TV's or projectors.
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