Getting rid of air trapped in water box

I have some air trapped in my coolant lines of my water box. I was wondering if anyone had some tricks on how to get rid of the air?

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  1. Is it a self built system or is it a factory sealed unit? Do you have a reservoir and if so what make? If not do you have enough room to add one? That is usually the best way to at least trap the air there and keep it from going back into the cooling system. Otherwise you can get one of these and some fittings in you don't have any spares and hold it into the highest position. I would then all a section of hose onto the drain port, hold my finger over it until the air got to that point and then let if out and cap it.
    Or something like this Swiftech MCRES-Micro Hi-Flo Reservoir and the air just sits at the top and it's not a problem.
  2. I do not currently have a reservoir. I built the system a while back and it has been in storage for about a year in a half. It looks like a reservoir will be the best fix for it and the easiest. Thanks for your recommendation and a way to initially get the air out before I get a reservoir.
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