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black screen after upgrade

I did an upgrade got new ram, case, mb, and cpu.
I installed everything but when I turn on the pc all i get is a black screen, no "no signal" message and all the fans and cdrom is working as well could some1 give me few things i can try to fix this, thx
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  2. alright thx for response
  3. Also, did you have a plug-in video card already? Depending on which motherobardyou got, that could be what's causing no signal. If the new motherboard has onboard graphics, it will usually override the PCIe video card until you turn them off in the BIOS.

    Also, I hope you reinstall your operating system; you have to do that when you put in a new motherboard, otherwise you'll be right back here in another day, asking why the system is having trouble booting and always crashing (old driver and registry conflicts is the answer).
  4. Ok the problem solved I tinkered with video card ram and harddrives and it worked thx for replies =D
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  6. Can you plz tell me what to look for in the BIOS to turn off the onboard graphics?
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