How do I make a ram drive?

i am referring to a Tom's article about testing gigabit LAN speed, where the author wrote:

{{To do this, we’re going to make a 1 GB RAM drive on both the client and server PCs, and then transfer a 1 GB file between these RAM drives over the network. Since even the slowest DDR2 RAM should be able to handle over 3,000 MB/s of data, the only limiting factor should be how fast our network can run:}}

Can someone tell me how to do this?
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  1. If you could find the article and link it, it should help us out with your question.

    From my understanding your looking for one of these:

    You insert sticks of RAM up to whatever size you would like and they act as a SSD drive. It's the alternative to purchasing an actual SSD.

    Hope this helps you on your search.
  2. if you just want to test your network card, iperf.

    If you want to test SMB, then ram-drive. You may want a 2GB ram drive though because 1gig is ~110MB/sec and you may want ~15sec average to give the stream time to settle.

    Also, even if you make a "ram drive" if you over-flow your memory, it will get pushed to swap and be limited by your HD. Make sure you test machine has enough ram

    My lowly integrated 1gb NIC does 1.5gbit/sec on full-duplex with ~8% kernel time and 946mbit/sec sending or receiving ~4% kernel. <-- iPerf test
  3. i want to test network speed by transferring a file and exclusing the HDD from the equation. I'm trying to find out why why dlink DGS-100 GB switch and GB lan in both pc's only gives me 2.5MB/sec
  4. Try this
    Just tried out my network speed 120-150meg a second, dang those Hard drives are slow, I only get 50-60megs on a good day.
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