Trouble booting up my pc

so hi.. im using window 7 in my pc and i downloaded a disk partition management thing.. after i install that thing BSOD occur and my pc restarted.. after the window 7 boot, BSOD occur again.. so i think maybe the disk management thing cause this so i boot into safe mode and right after it boot up BSOD again.. so i reformat my pc using window vista disk... dont have window 7 disk, i lost it = ='' after reformat all the CDEF disk in my hdd and i make a clean window installment in my hdd.. after the installation, window vista loading after after it load BSOD and restart again?? what is happening? i might assume that my HDD is corrupted..
and 1 more thing to notice ram is not the factor because it BSOD right after the installation finished..
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  1. You refer to BSODs several times, but fail to say what it says on the BSOD screens.

    Anyway, test the hard drive with it's manufacturer's Diagnostic software for DOS which requires that you make a CD from an ISO file. Links here:

    You can use IMGBurn on a working PC to create the CD from the ISO file:

    Boot your faulty PC from that CD and the testing software will open (eventually).
    Test the hard drive with Long/Extended test.
  2. the BSOD is way too fast!! it's like less than 1 sec then boom gone..
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