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Hi all,
This might be a very simple question, and will only require a yes or no answer, however, it needs to be asked. I currently have a 120gb SSD for my OS, and a 1T HDD, as storage and game/program install directory. As i do a bit of game recording/Video editing/Downloading, i was looking at a Seagate Barracuda 3TB, 7200rpm HDD to replace it. Please dont suggest getting external drives to store these files, as while recording games, writing to an external drive slows things up a fair bit and i need access to most of the files even if i dont have access to those external drives.What i wanted to know was, is it possible to simply make an image of that 1TB HDD, and copy it to the 3TB drive and have all my games/Programs work as if there was no change? I dont see why this would be an issue as long as the drive letter was the same.
Check below for my current set up.
Thanks very much.
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    Yes, entirely possible. That will work as long as, as you rightly say, the drive letter remains the same.
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