AMD Phenom II X2 55 BE vs Athlon II X3 455

Hi all,

Just planning a new budget gaming build (my first in years) and am having real trouble deciding between the two. I know from what I've read that you can't bank on the Phenom giving you more cores to play with, but if I overclocked/unlock neither (for example), which perform the best? Also how easy is it/how likely is it to actually be able to play with these secret cores? :kaola:

The build is based on gaming but will obviously need to perform alright at day-to-day tasks as well. I can get the Phenom for £70 and the Athlon for £60 if that makes a difference?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. I wouldn't count on unlocking the extra cores. Lots of posts lately about problems when unlocking cores. I would spend the extra for the phenom II, unless you find the 550 used. Someone sold a 545 used for only $40 on my local craigslist. A phenom II at 2.8 is currently listed for $80 used here in austin tx.
  2. My main question really is though, is the Phenom X2 555 a decent CPU without unlocking any cores? Is it worth the 'phenom' name over the Athlon with an extra core?
  3. The Phenom is better. The Athlon you mentioned might be clocked a little faster... but the Phenom 555 has 6MB L3 cache that will speed it up a bit! 550 vs 455 555 vs 455

    Check the benches. :D
  4. as i can see at the benches.
    Athlon is better for gaming and phenom better for normal tasks.
    But that phenom is a proccessor that you can unlock to an quad core so i will go for an Phenom.
  5. Here in the states the Phenom II X4 is down to near the X2 prices (nearly impossible to pass up here), how close is it for you?
  6. I run a x3 435 unlocked and clocked, it shows up as a phenom x4 b35 now, not an athlon,
    it kills WoW and I've not had any stability issues
    a 455 should be better if you can unlock and clock it,,review-32195-2.html and its still on the Toms recommended list too
    still a fair difference this side dude :)
  7. Raidur said:
    Here in the states the Phenom II X4 is down to near the X2 prices (nearly impossible to pass up here), how close is it for you?

    I agree with Raidur, you should look at X4 prices. Here it's like $30 difference for a X4 that you know is stable and could probably overclock to 4ghz or at least higher than an unlocked X2.
  8. I would go for the 955 myself, but as Op was between two other chips, I decided on those, if he has budget its 955 all the way
  9. If I were to unlock cores, do I need extra cooler for cpu? I heard the cpu temp might increase when it's unlocked.
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