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Hi there. Trying to upgrade my Dell dimension 2400 without changing motherboards, etc. It's running on a Celeron d 2.4 Ghz., Socket 478, Intel Chipset 845. I am happy with the video, which goes at least as high as 1600x900. I also added RAM, and am running on 2 GB. Now, concerning the CPU, there are higher Celeron D, like 3.06 and even 3.20 with that socket #. Would I really gain anything processing speed by using one of these? Thanks for getting back to me.
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  1. The 3.06 533 fsb should work; starmicro may carry them; also check ebay. I wouldn't pay more than $35.
  2. Thanks, o1die. Great tip. Starmicro even has a 3.2 Ghz. for $34
  3. 3.2 won't work on the 845 chipset; only 533 cpus. 3.2 is 800 fsb. It won't post on that board. You will have to change to the 865 chipset for the 3.2.
  4. Thanks for the info, o1die. I'll go accordingly.
  5. I'm supposed to rate this by clicking on the 'goldcup' above. I'd gladly do that, but I've never seen a goldcup. Help!!
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