Ram bottlenecks gpu and cpu

Hi i wanna ask. I've got asus m2a-vm Mobo and 2Gb ddr2 ram. I recently upgraded Gpu gigabyte amd radeon hd 6850 factory overclocked. The truth is this mobo doesnt recognize the type of cpu but it does recognize all four cores and temperature does not exceed 45 C when i play hardware demanding games such as witcher 2 an voltage is 1,44 V.
Before i bought Hd 6850 my system was amd athlon ii x4 640, 2 Gb ram ddr2 and 8800 GT. when i upgraded to HD 6850 all of a sudden majority of my games that ran well before started to slutter and lag.Since HD 6850 is alot better than 8800 gt i expected an improvement. Could my ram bottleneck the whole system ?
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  1. yes, it can, and it sounds like it is.
  2. so then should i add another one gig ram so the system will have 3 Gb ddr2. Since i got win xp 32 bit it wont let me go past 4 gigs. Will i notice some improvement?
  3. You are correct that you can not go above 3GB since your GPU is a full 1GB and 32bit OS can not address more than 4GB.

    yes if you put another GB in you should see a boost in performance, although it isn't guaranteed. just make sure it is DDR2 800
  4. thnx for help :)
  5. No problem :)
  6. that was no help. Your PC was running fine before with 2gb ram, right? you upgrade your vid card and get worse performance.......so how could this be caused by ram? it cant. What you should do when upgrading video cards is use Driversweeper. It removes all traces of old drivers and is free to download. Use this in safe mode to remove any nvidia and AMD display drivers. Then download and install the latest AMD display drivers. That would be a good start to help solve your problem. More ram is not the answer, but it is a good idea to have more than 2gb ram anyway.
  7. Thnx much for advice. However i got one more question. Can i put there another 1 Gb ram with 800 Mhz if i got 2x1 Gb ram 400 Mhz ? wouldn't it kill my system
  8. that is correct, you should not mix ram speeds. If you can afford it I would switch all of it to 800 Mhz, otherwise just get another 1GB at 400 Mhz.
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