How can I shove 32GB on a motherboard?

I'd like to install as much memory as possible while investing as little as possible. Which means I'd like to use a PC (not server) and avoid 8GB sticks - those don't come cheap.
I think today my best option is socket 1366 but that will only get me to 24GB and I'll have to pay a lot for all kinds of features I won't use (does it sound like I need triple SLI?)
Is there something worth waiting for in the next few months? I saw a 8-DIMM mobo on Anandtech:
When are those coming?
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  1. That mobo looks like an Intel prototype. While having lots of memory can be good, what do you need that much memory for?
  2. Well, large sticks cost more, that's all there is to it. Make sure your board supports those sticks as well(some do not like 8 gig sticks).

    If you are running windows, make sure to get Windows 7 Professional and not Home Premium. Home Premium only supports 16gigs of memory.

    If you hold out for Intel's next big platform. It may well have 8 memory slots since it is a quad channel system. Current boards I see for that are at 4 slots, but with some luck maybe 8 slots are in the future.

    What are you doing that is soo memory intense?
  3. Why do you need 32 gigs of ram in the first place? RAM is gonna get a price drop, and you should wait for LGA 2011 though
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    That board you linked is the X79 chipset aka Sandy Bridge - E which should be out late October or Early November.

    Honestly, I would seriously consider waiting until it is released before buying since it is a huge upgrade from the current 1155 boards.

    It brings PCIe 3.0, 4 channel memory, and a ton of other features.
  5. I have a SQL-Server running on a 8GB machine and I see that the server is constantly reading pages from the disk even though each query queries the same set of data. I home more memory will let it keep all the pages necessary in cache.

    I'm definitely waiting for the quad channel while also crossing my fingers that 8GB becomes the new 4GB. Thanks for all the quick replies!
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