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Will a gtx 460 work with on a gigabyte ex38-dq6 mobo

I am using a gigabyte motherboard and wanted to know if a gtx 460 1 gig video card would work on my mobo?
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    Of course, it should work without problem, your mobo has 2x PCIE 2.0 slots and GTX460 2.0 card, so yes, it should work fine.
    Make sure you have enough power on PSU to run that card... :)
  2. Yeah it should run fine, I recommend atleast a 500 ~ 600w PSU for it though.
  3. I thought maybe it would be too much technology since I bought the motherboard over 2 1/2 years ago. I am glad my 620W PSU should still have enough for now. Thank you for the replies!
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