Adding 140mm fans to a Lancool PC-K58 Case

Here is the case I am considering purchasing, the Lancool Dragonlord PC-k58W

It comes without the top two 140mm exhaust fans, so I am looking to purchase these two fans separately.

Given the overall airflow setup of the case and that these two would be exhaust fans, I am looking for recommendations on what fans to go with.

Quietness is important, though I do want fans that can still push a good amount of air despite being quiet. I do not want LEDs.

Thanks in advance
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  1. I just happen to have the Lian Li/Lancool PC-K60W case which comes with two 140mm fans installed in the top panel. The 140mm fans do not have led's. I know the K58 is on sale at but why not just get the K60? That way you don't have to purchase and install fans.

    K60 Model with full size side window: LI Lancool PC-K60W Black CECC Steel Plastic Advanc

    K60 Model with narrow side window:

    Although it costs more I have the K60 with the narrow side window. It helps hide the drives and cables at the front of the case.

    If you shop around you might be able to find the K60 cases for less. Over the past year prices have varied. Vendors keep raising and lowering prices.

    BTW - Excellent choice. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are outstanding. Installation and cable management is easy!
  2. Honestly, with the PC-k58 on sale at newegg, I can get the case and also buy better fans as well as the mounting screw accessory for cheaper than the pc-k62.

    I have heard that the stock fans are not the best, and do not care for LEDs, etc. so I'd like to (hopefully) kill two birds with one stone.
  3. Well, thank you for the advice.

    I am, however, still going to go ahead and opt for the k58 with two aftermarket 140mm fans for exhaust, so I am still looking for suggestions.
  4. beanoslim said:

    Thanks, looking into these.

    Any other good suggestions?
    One important item to keep in mind is that they fans will be positioned horizontally
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