Dell Inspiron 620 dvd drive Odd screw part number needed

I want to add a 2nd dvd drive to my dell 620.It takes 3 screws.2 of the screws are black and are
used for one side. I have those.The problem is the orther side of the dvd drive uses a special silver
screw that has threads only half way up.It allows the drive to slide into the computer dvd drive bay and lock in a groove.I have screws with threads that will fit but they have threads all the way up to
the head.I need the threads to be only part way up toward the head.Using screws with the threads all the way
up to the head causes the drive to not sit level and wont lock in.Dell dosent seem to know what the
screw is and has sent me several of the wrong type.I dont have a part number.Goes anyone know what the part number is?
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  1. call in to a local PC repair shop and take the dvd drive with you. Shops like that usually have loads of screws in their backroom. you might well get lucky.
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