Need advice on a new computer build!

Hey all!

I'm looking to purchase a new computer, while re-using a few parts and could use some advise on how best to spend $1000 USD.

Here's what I'll be re-using:

x2 evga SC260core216s for sli
x1 300GB velociraptor
x1 WD 1TB Black as a media drive
My nzxt midtower case.
My lite-on 22x dvd burner.

I'm looking for a new cpu/cpu cooler/mobo/PSU/ram/ and a physics card. I would like the mobo to have x2 16x for sli and any 3rd pci express for the physics card.

I live in silicon valley and thus I'm 5ish miles away from a microcenter. (This should help for cpu pricing)

Here's what I have been considering so far.

CPU = $230

MOBO = $200

RAM = $200

PSU = $240

PHYSICS Card = $80

CPU Cooler = No Idea. (heard the noctua nh-d14) Is really good.

The $1000 price tag is flexible by $50 roughly.

I'm open to all suggestions. My only requirement is that I don't buy online, so it must me at a store only. I live near frys/central computers/ and microcenter only.

Quick question, is a 240 way overkill for a physics card? What's suggested?
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  1. Some suggestions,

    1. Mobo - Get this ASUS - Sabertooth X58

    2. RAM
    If not overclocking very high, then even this would suffice

    3. PSU - Why you need a 1000W PSU? For 2x GTX 260 SLI + a low powered PhysX, 800-850W would suffice...
    Some very good options -
    CM Silent PRO Gold 800W
    CM Ultimate 900W
    Antec TPQ1000W - If you still want a 1KW PSU
    But IMO that CM 800W would be a very good option...

    CPU Cooler - If you want a very good CPU cooler, then this would be good
    Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.B

    For PhysX, GT240 is fine,...
  2. GKAY09,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I wanted the 1K SPU because in 3 months i'll be trashing my 2602 for maybe x2 470s or x2 480s and I wanted room to grow. I might just forget a physics card for now and use one of my 260s for that later.

    I see that the ram you picked our has all the same timings and speeds of the dominator. Is the dominator just a ripoff then?

    I love your suggestion for a MOBO!! NICE!

    WIll the ram you suggested run at 1T?
  3. ^ As for the PSU, you get the Cooler Master 1KW Gold for less, so get that...

    RAM - If overclocking very high, say above 4GHz, then the Dominators are fine because the RAM chips used in them are mostly better binned parts, so would handle higher speeds, voltages better,...But again like I said, it would matter only when overclocking very high...,
    As for running at 1T, I think it will, check this listing
    Same part described as 1T
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