Question about PSU for NES HTPC

Looking to build a HTPC inside of an original NES. I am basing my design with the components listed here:

To try to save space inside the case, I was looking for a way to utilize an external PSU. Can I just take the PSU out of the case listed and place it outside of the NES, or do I have to select a different mobo/cpu combo that has an onboard PSU? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. ^ Looking to save space? What are your plans for the space that will be available if placing the PSU outside the case ?
  2. I want to keep the inside of the case as cool as possible (I think I will be adding another fan to help with that) plus I don't want a hot PSU sitting inside the case. Also I want to keep enough room to fit both the HD and optical drive inside the case.
  3. I am using the Nintendo Entertainment System as a case, so I am just using the parts from the case listed and not the actual case itself. The dimensions are 25.5cm x 8.5cm x 20.2cm.
  4. What you need is a picoPSU. They sell them over at Basically, it gives you a 24-pin power supply that gets power from an external brick. You'll have to be low power though as they only go up to 150-160W.
  5. ^^ Then why buy that combo ? Buy the parts separately...And Yes, like rwpritchett said, you would need the picoPSU, and that power would suffice for an ATOM based setup IMO...
  6. Turns out there is a deluxe version of the Asus AT3IONT-I
    and it comes with a picoPSU so I will plan on getting that and the other parts seperately
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