Lucid sticks multi-GPU onto video-cards

New motherboard no longer required
Lucid has said that its HydraLogix manufacturer-agnostic multi-GPU will no longer need an expensive new motherboard that includes the chip. Although the technology has been getting some good reviews, it seems that one of the things that has been holding it back has been fact that to use it, users need a new motherboard.

Now the company has announced plans to build the processor directly onto video-cards. Dubbed Unity, the new graphics-architecture will allow manufacturers to place the HydraLogix 200 processor alongside a GPU as if it was built into the motherboard. Buying a new video-card with one of these chips will allow you to combine it with older cards from a previous generation.

The HydraLogix chip is sold on its flexibility in that it allowing any GPU to be combined with any other on any platform, regardless of chipset or processor. Shoving it on a card will mean users will have even more options when it comes to building a multi-GPU system.

The outfit has ruled out making any add-in boards itself while PowerColor has agreed to launch a card based on the UNITY design. Smart money is on MSI and ASUS following suit.

According to Lucid, cards will be available before the end of this year for under $199 with GPUs including the Radeon HD 5770 and GeForce GTX 460 getting the HydraLogix access.
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  1. When I see it, I'll believe it. Still, could be interesting to see how this develops. Thanks.
  2. To be honest, i often wondered (when Lucid first announced Hydra) why they didn't do this in the first place...
  3. While it seems like a logical thing to do, I am going to guess that driver support will be a nightmare. I look forward to THG getting one and wringing it out.
  4. Indeed, i would love to get my hands on a couple GTX 460's & 5770's with this Lucid technology and see the results...
  5. I have seen the card i will try and dig up the screen shot.

  6. This is up to date but if you read it it states the card was on show in June.

    Mactronix :)
  7. Nice Mac... can't wait to see what the capabilities are...
  8. I was curious why they didn't just do a stanalone pci 1.0 or regular pci card for lucid to mix gpus while i like the idea of it being on a graphics card itself depending on price i might be adverse if it adds too much cost to a graphics card, now if it were standalone i could move it to a new rig if i were upgrading and still get the benefit... and yea it probably wouldnt' be much benefit to me as while i plan on building a new box by the end of the year my current system is a socket 754 so.... i build machines to last a few years and a stand aloen lucid chip might be replaced by then but i can dream :D
  9. It would be nice if they managed to deliver the magic that was 3DFX in terms of scaling wow those were the days.
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