Which 120gb SSD should I buy for SATA 2?


I have hp dv7-6000 laptop and will buy a ssd for primary drive. I don't know if my laptop supports sata 3 or not. So I will buy SATA 3 ssd with backward compatible SATA 2. For me reliability is more important than speed. I heard that Sandforce controllers crash more often than the others. I couldn't decide. Which ssd with 120gb capacity should I buy for my laptop?

I will list here available ssd's in my country:

All Corsair Series 120/128gb
Intel 520 Series 120gb
Sandisk Extreme 120gb
Crucial m4 128gb
Plextor Pro 3 128gb
Kingston HyperX 100 S3 120gb
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  1. Crucial m4 is known to be reliable as are the intel SSD's but they aren't worth the extra over an m4.
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