Powering a HDD without power pins working?

Without going into a lot of detail the power pins on my HDD broke, most are bent and 2 have fallen off.
My hdd looks similar to the one shown in this picture;
except the pins on the right, usually used to power the psu, are now broken. Is there any way I could power this up so I am able to exact the data from it? even if it is a temporary fix. I do have an 8 pin connected in the hdd like the picture above shows, am I able to use that for power somehow?
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  1. You could hardwire an older 4-pin Molex power connector to the SATA power pins on the PCB. The 3.3V pins are not used.

  2. http://www.digikey.com/videos/en/v/3M-SATA-Connector/1680491957001/

    if you can solder or have someone solder it for you.
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