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Hello, I am not a computer guy. My wife just bought a Lenovo desk top. i7-2600 processor, 3.4GHz, 4 core 8 thread 8MB cache 8MB ddr3-1333Mhz dual channel 4 dimm memory. 16MG memory max.
My wife wnats o have the 16 MB put in. I do not know what tis stuff is. What should she put in? She want 16MB of 1600MHz, is thta a good thing?
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  1. You'd need to know the number of slots are available in the computer and how many are used. Motherboards often have 4 slots, but may only have 2. You could have four 2GB modules, or a pair of 4GB. So far, I've seen the new Gen2 i7 systems supporting 8GB per slot. This suggests your system only has 2 slots and probably has a pair of 4GB.

    You'd need to buy a dual channel kit of 2x8GB DDR3-1600 modules to meet your wife's request. The ability of your motherboard to run the memory at 1600 instead of 1333 would have to be determined. I'm not seeing a kit of that type at Newegg. It took awhile for DDR2 to get to 4GB modules... so DDR3 may be in that situation now.

    Anyway... find out if your computer has 2 or 4 slots... she might have all the computer can have for now...
  2. Quote:
    8MB ddr3-1333Mhz dual channel 4 dimm memory. 16MG memory max.

    If what you're saying is that you already have 8 GB of memory, and that you have 4 dimm memory. Meaning you have 4 slots, you will have to buy all 4 sticks, each with 8 GB of memory. We will have to know the exact motherboard brand and model number to help you find the compatible memory for it. If you can't find that - it should be labeled somewhere on the motherboard itself - If you could give us the model number and serial number or the service tag number of your lenovo desktop we might could also find it that way. If you/she bought if off the internet a link to the site with the exact one might work also.
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