Need New build advice asap PLZ

Was asked to build for a friend who knows nothing about pcs's

Multitasking/General purpose pc with some very lite gaming.

Purchase date: ASAP

Budget range: 750$ Canadian

System usage:
Multitasking/watching movies and occasionally some Rts gaming

Parts not needed:Keyboard Mouse and OS

Website for parts: or canada computers or any other reliable canadian website.

Parts preferred:
DVD burner:any burner will do
CPU: AMD for value
Motherboard: AM3 socket only I personally prefer asus but im open to suggestions , I would prefer an Atx board but it doesn't have to be.
Video card: Doesn't really matter once it is able to play his RTS games. Warcraft 3 Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 when it is released. Was looking at the 5670.
HD: 500-750 Gigs the machine will only have 1 HD to start of with so it has to be fast. 7200 rpm 32-64mb of cache and 5 year warranty preferred.
Quality Power supply that will last through an upgrade or two on the computer. I guess anything around 400-500 watts from a reputably company (corsair , Seasonic )
Case: was looking at the Antec 300
Power supply:This is the real problem , with this tight budget its hard to get a decent 80+ certified PSU

Not overclocking:
No SLI or Crossfire

This is what i came up with.
At first I was going to order from new egg but best direct has free shipping on orders over 500$ so unless i can get a cheaper price im going with them . $59.79 $73.22 $56.60 $17.69 $64.37 $79.31 $102.79

For a grand total of $575.97. Any suggestions on a decent LCD 22 inch that will keep me under or very close to my budget of $750 ?

I found this but it brings me a bit over the top and I dont know how good Philips screens are

Thank you in Advance.
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  1. I personally will never buy Philips if I can help it. They literally said "We choose not to honor the warranty" on speakers I had bought, on day 1 a light didn't work.

    They left a bad taste in my mouth and I avoid them like the plague now.

    I know Acer makes some pretty inexpensive 20-23" LCDs. They usually have a 5ms refresh rate as standard and boast a decent contrast ratio.
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