Zalmen 9700nt for Sandy 2500k

I currently have this old fella cooling my e8400 oc'd @4.05gz with 1.35vcore
My room temp is 72 right now and they idle 28c & 35c,with Orthos running on both cores they hit 53c & 54c.
So do you think its good enough to maintain an OC of about 4.6gz with the 2500k.
If you're wondering,yes I had to order a new bracket for it to fit on the 1155 socket.
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  1. The 9700 is a good cooler but has been overtaken by the huge and tower coolers.

    Theres one way to find out though...Good luck. :D You can always get the 9900MAX after trying.
  2. While I love my 9700 (non NT mines all copper), I don't know for sure if it could keep SB cool enough at those speeds. Hope someone does a test on them since a LGA1156 bracket should fit LGA1155 with no problems.

    That's the current best Zalman but they do have new ones coming out that are a 'V' shape and supposed to be even better.
  3. I think the 9900MAX is the new best Zalman, up there with the big boys.
  4. You don't need another bracket. LGA 1155 is the same as the 1156 for heat sinks.
  5. I'm on 775,so yeah,I need that bracket.
    I read some reviews and even saw a clip on youtube with these chips overclocking to 5gz on air.
    So I think they stay cool enough for this Zalmen to maintain the OC I want.
  6. Seems like they maintain low heat and then at a certain voltage they start to heat up a bit.

    Good luck. [:bohleyk:1]
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