Caught between old and new What MB would work for me?

I built a "new" system last year in Nov. It is the Intel D865GVHZ mb, with P4 3.2Gz, 2G Crucial PC3200, I have a 20G Western Digital HDD and a WD 320G HDD, a Sony DVD burner and Creative 52X CD-ROM, Nvidia GeForce 9400GT, and Turtle Beach Riviera sound card.
This has been the worst pc I have ever owned, that I built, it seems to be at about the same speed of the AMD Athlon 2.1G I had before and it had 1.5G of PC3200, with the same HDD and everything else. The CPU always tries to run on the hot side, and freaked on me the other day, benchmarking my RAM with SiSoft Sandra, it started beeping and then the next morning wouldn't boot at first and then said it had a memory timing error. I run Windows XP Home on the 20G HDD and use the 320 HDD for storage and installing all other software, games etc... they are both IDE, the video card and sound card are both PCI.
I am considering building a new system with the AMD Phenom II x4, but I am not sure how to fit in my other older stuff, mostly my HDD's, since most I see only has SATA 3 and 6 and at the most 1, possibly 2 PCI slots. I know I can ditch the 52X CD-ROM, can't the DVD burner. I considered the option of built in 1394 port and connect my HDD's to it, until I can afford some SATA's, or possibly external enclosure, but not sure how a system drive would work on that, and I have 2 drives also. I also have a PCI video card with 512MB DDR2, DMI, HD, that is less than a year old, that I hate to put into retirement. I also lean toward Gigabyte Mb's, as I really liked my last and the BIOS and overclocking functions.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I don't know what your budget is, or if you're hung up on AMD, but if you're willing to go to Intel Sandy Bridge, I built a system around the Asrock z68 Fatal1ty Pro board. It has the latest everything, and also has an IDE connector on board, and a Floppy connector on board as well:
  2. yeah, that's a little out of my budget... I was looking for a board at $100 or less and I kinda favor AMD CPU's... thanx tho'
  3. I see a few Foxconn's on Newegg that might work:
  4. Hey now that one looks good, but I'm not familiar with Foxconn.... anyone got experience or some good reviews on these folks?
  5. Foxconn employs close to a million round the world. Mostly in China me thinks.

    How bout a nice MSI or ASUS board?

    Leaving the old behind means accepting the fact there is no more IDE, PATA or Floppy.

    No more wrestling with 4 feet of bright puky colored SATA cables either. Just custom order your lengths off Okgear on Newegg with locks on both ends.

    Z68 is one way to go, I built a new rig last month around it and it's one of my best builds by far.

    While everyone is panting after the latest tiny thing from Iphooey or whatever I opted for a dinosaur HAF X case. At least it is half the weight of my last build. Something around 30 pounds compared to 65 for the one I am typing on now.
  6. Well, I know both of those brands (heard of them a lot anyways), I got an ASUS 24" HD Monitor. I need some way to start off with my IDE drives and smoothly transfer to SATA.....when I have the money. Oh, I got a huge full size dinosaur case :) has slide out motherboard tray, 5 bays for DVD, CDR etc, 4 HDD's bays.... Also wondering, if something smaller might be cooler.... oh and I already got a 600w part modular PS
  7. That 600 watter will not feed my two vid cards AND the CPU. I pull 570 just to game. (And not counting the rest of the crap -12 fans and so on...)

    Something to consider.
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