Best compact sized cooler to buy for i7 2600K CPU?

Just rebuilt my system with an Asrock P67 4Extreme LGA 1155 board + i7 2600K CPU and I'm looking for a new cooler to get some better overclocks with. Right now I'm just using my older Arctic 7 Freezer Pro with it and I can't really go over 4.2 ghz without temperatures soaring into the mid 80s on full load. I'm guessing possibly because of the cooler itself or that the heatsink contact seems to be less than smooth due to a year or so of past use, or being cleaned off repeatedly, etc

What I'm worried about is getting one that is too large and that will block my first RAM slot (I have all 4 slots filled w/ 2 GB a piece). My Arctic 7 Freezer Pro barely clears the first slot (maybe by 1/2 inch at most). Can anyone suggest a comparably sized cooler that migh give me better cooling performance? I was thinking about one of the Coolermaster Hyper models but not quite sure on their sizes

Thanks in advance
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  1. This gives you the exact sizes from all angles on the hyper 212 plus. You can always buy the second fan if you not happy with the original performance. I comes with the clips already for the second fan also.

    If you got room in your case these Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B CPU Cooler with a fan or two or these Noctua NH D14 that have been USED HERE will help you keep it cool all the way to 5.0GHz
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