Building a PC for WoW - Vienna , Austria

Hello guys,

After building my own PC some years back, which was a catastrophe in it's own right, I am thinking to get a state-of-the-art gaming desktop to support one of my hobbies, and that is playing WoW. I would like to add that I raid sometime, like twice a week, dunno if that is of some help for you to consider.

Money is not an option. What I mean here is that I need a PC that can run WoW, in Dalaran for example, evenings, at 35-40 fps, and never dropping below that, with all the details at the highest settings available, also in Cataclysm. I do not need the newest device, or the best components available on the market. Bang for a buck will do for me.

What I figured out by now is:
- A cool, 23'' or 25'' HD monitor(brand?)
- Razer peripherals - all of them, including headset
- Windows 7

What I need to know is what you guys recommend when choosing parts, and I mean ALL of the parts, starting from the motherboard all the way to the network adapter.

Also, I would really appreciate if there is someone from Vienna who could tell me where to get these parts. If there isn't, then I'll buy them online, no biggie :)

Thanks a lot for your help !
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