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I have an old Intel d915GUX taken from a scrap Gateway e3400, and I have a number of questions, which I will go into depth in a bit.


Intel D915GUX
3GB RAM (Supports max of 4GB DDR2 533Mhz)
LGA 775 Socket (Holding: Pentium 4 HT Prescott 3.2 GHz)
BIOS is up to Gateway's last release of the BIOS

Now, my questions are this:
Can this board support x64-bit Instruction Set?

If not does THIS board support x64-Bit IS

Also LGA 775 Socket
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  1. And please, no one suggest AMD boards. I don't like AMD, the last one I had the Southbridge just...died.

    Also, I feel safer with the LGA sockets, not having pins on the CPU to break makes me feel more comfortable.
  2. Anyone?
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    Its not the motherboard that supports 64bit instruction set but it is the processor. What processor do you have some Prescotts suport 64 bit instructions and some don't?
  4. I have the Prescott 3.2Ghz

    Cant say much considering I am not at home to check the cpu in depth.

    I was led to believe by the technician who gave me the board that the bus width on the board determines the bit limits of the system.

    But it is good to know it is the processor and not the motherboard.
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