Und problems with audigy

Could someone help, please

Well basically, i bought a basic soundcard (SoundBlaster Audigy SE 7.1) in order to replace my onboard which i thought broke. I put in the soundcard, which by the way, did not fit totally, it went in, but there were some pins not totally inside of the PCI Slot, but i turned on the computer, and windows deteced it, installed drivers for it and everything.

So i set my playback devices to SB Audigy by right-clicking the sound icon, ....and no sound plays. i made sure everything was plugged in, still no sound

i have windows 7 64bit

The little sound icon in the corner looks like it's play sound, but no sound is coming out at all... this was the same EXACT problem that i had before.
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  1. DID you check the speakers or headphones on another system or an ipod or a discman or walkman?
    I'd suggest removing the speaker wires and connecting them to one of these devices and trying them out first.
  2. The only things I can think of are:

    1) speaker volume (software) is too low (set to 50%)

    2) your speakers don't work (as mentioned above)

    *Also, go into your Device Manager and look for any CONFLICTS or other issues. Sometimes if you don't install the main driver for your motherboard, other devices plugged into the motherboard won't work.
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