Computer no longer detects sata

Okay well to start with I've looked everywhere and can't find an answers or question quite like mine.

My computer would start up and after a few second with windows loaded it would lock up. I decided to reinstall windows 7 and put all my old files into windows old.0 or whatever it goes into. My 1tb hdd's had 8 gigs left... So I took my sata/IDE to USB converter and backed up all my files from said hdd and delete a few so that I had 100 gigs open. I put the sata hdd back in start it up, it no longer recognizes the sata drive. I then:

Switch out my known good sata hdd and it doesn't detect

Use my converter sata/IDE to USB and it detects both of them via USB but not sata

I switch sata ports and cords. No luck

I take out battery/replace with new, no luck.

I have a says mobo amd like 3.2 quad core. 750 psu.

Any help?
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  1. Awe like everything has a reply but mine :( still can't figure this out
  2. Is the HDD detected in BIOS?
  3. No. And there was only one option for sata/IDE and it was to enable sata/IDE performance setup. And that didn't do anything.. I just find it weird that all the ports would mess up at once..
  4. Did you install the motherboard standoff near the SATA connectors? The motherboard needs something to ground itself on, so make sure that the standoff and screw are installed correctly. If it's not, do it, and that may solve your problems. If not, you probably shorted out the SATA connectors and in that case, you'll need a new motherboard.
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