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I have 2 ati 5770's installed correctly, but only one is showing up. my ccc is not showing a crossfire option allowing me to enable it. my motherboard is crossfire enabled
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  2. 1. is your crossfire bridge connected? and are both cards connected with the power cords?
    2. (issue i had) are your cards fully in their Pci-e sockets?
  3. I concur with crysis... also check your power connections. You can use cpuid to see if your 2 5770 are "seen by computer" ccc will have an extra tab when it reads it.
  4. everything was installed correctly. got plenty of power and both were plugged in with 6-pin cables. i started over and tried switching where i had both cards seated. i moved the xfx to the x16 slot and the diamond to the x8 slot and it worked. i think that problem was the xfx card as it wasn't running correctly. i can't really describe what it was doing, but it's working fine now
  5. possibly they just needed to be reseated because of bad seating in the Pci slots. but its all good now. enjoy
  6. Have you installed the crossfire bridge connecting the two cards, if so take out both cards and make sure they are properly seated into the pci-e slots then try again.
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