Best CPU cooler for Phenom II x4 black edition

Hi all. I haven't built for a while so I am a little behind on the new processors.

I have an AMD phenom II x4 black processor and ASUS M4A88T-V MOBO. The case dimensions say that it is 7.50 inches wide inside. The case is the NZXT M59 - 001BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower. I need to know the best Heatsink/fan to use that will actually fit. I would like one with a blue LED and I am considering the Zalman 9900 Any thoughts? I will be ordering the new fan sometime this week and I prefer not havign to send one back because of space issues.


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  1. If you aren't overclocking and you are using Cool 'N Quiet... the stock fan isn't really that loud, unless your room temperature is extremely high. I am running the x4 965 BE slightly overclocked and I don't really notice the fan until I have played a game for more than 1 hour solid, it'll kick in a little louder... but not much. The stock AMD fans these days have the copper thermal pipes and do a pretty good job over the Intel stock fans.
  2. Before I did my x4 965 build, I hadn't used an AMD since the old XP+ days. All my builds have been Intel, and it don't matter if you buy the $40 budget Celery CPU or the Extreme Editions... all the stock Intel coolers should be replaced. But unlike the old AMDs... the new thermal piped coolers and low noise fans can save you from wasting money on an aftermarket cooler, and you can use the money to buy more DDR3 memory, LOL. :D
  3. TBH, the Phenom II X4 heatsinks are quite good.

    The stock heatsinks for AMD CPUs are pretty good.

    I have one on my Athlon 64 X2 which I got off a friend. They are good, but mine is quite loud.
  4. If I turn off Cool 'N Quiet and set the speed to max, mine is still pretty quiet. You got yours second hand... maybe worn a little? Or your Athlon X2 is a little hotter perhaps?

    The only fans I hate are Intel, especially the P4 and Pentium D days... loud is an understatement... I think by the sound they make, perhaps they can be used for a lawnmower or weedeater. LOL
  5. Mine has the CnQ bug from ages ago. It doesn't run hot to begin with anyway.

    I got my Phenom cooler brand new, because my friend had a TRUE 120.

    My Athlon X2 runs in the range of ambient to >40C and it's 65W (My old one was 45W).

    Setting the Smart Fan control seems to make the biggest difference for my CPU.
  6. If you want a fan, get the 212 evo. If you want liquid, get the H60.
  7. If you want a fan, get the 212 evo. If you want liquid, get the H60.
  8. If you want a fan, get the 212 evo. If you want liquid, get the H60.
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