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I recently bought a WD My Book 1 TB Hard Drive to backup all my files. I wont be using the automated SmartWare as I have documents and files on different computers that need to be backed up. My query is - should I consider partitioning the drive into 3-4 individual partitions, or should I use it as a single 1TB partition, as it is? could someone help me understand the need, pros and cons of partitioning the drive?
I will be using it only on Windows systems.
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  1. There's no point in having multiple partitions on a drive used solely for storage.

    With a system boot drive however, some people like to keep the OS separate from applications or games, or they use the second partition for storage. This keeps the OS partition from getting almost full in a short space of time, which would affect Windows' overall performance.
  2. One advantage of separate partitions would be that if one file system goes bad, then the others won't be affected.

    One disadvantage would be that if one partition fills up, you would then need to split your data across two partitions.
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