When watching movies on my pc with a 1080p monitor the movies look blurry. I have messed w/ the graphics card settings and changed the noise reduction and edge enhancement but nothing seems to improve the quality. I am using Windows Media Player to watch movies, does that have something to do w/ it???

System specs incase you need to know
GTX 470
4Gb Memory
Windows 7
1080p Monitor
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  1. What kind of movies? MPEG x264 DVD Blu Ray?
  2. Have you tried better codecs? Maybe try a different player as wel, such as VLC.
  3. I am watching DVD's. DVDs seems to look better on PowerDVD but not to much better. I know my TV plays these movies w/o any blurry ness. I have messed w/ the noise reduction and edge enchancement, but that does not seem to fix the problem. I also downloaded the Windows 7 Codec pack as mentioned.

    Maybe I am jus being to picky, since I am used to watching Bluray's on my HDTV. But my TV is only 720p, and my Monitor is 1080p so I figured it would make the movies look awesome.
  4. It kind of discourages me from getting a Bluray drive if it is gonna be blurry... Defeats the whole purpose of bluray
  5. no jus full screen...
  6. I noticed some movies look better than others. I was jus trying out Lord of the Rings: Return of the king and it looked okay, but then I popped in Underworld and it looked way better.
  7. in this pic you can see what i am talking about look around the letters
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