I need to upgrade from my GTX 285

Hey guys,

I've had my EVGA GTX285 SSC for about a year now, and whilst I believe its performance was admirable for the price, it's been quite unreliable from the start.

On many games I experience GPU crashes after several hours of play. At a 2 day LAN event for example, I can expect to have to restart my system due to crashes perhaps four or five times!

On some other games, Far Cry, Rome/Medieval: Total War, I can barely make it through two hours before the video signal cuts out.

For the record, most of these crashes don't appear to be due to overheating.

I suspect EVGA are quite likely to honour the warranty in light of these issues and provide a repair of some kind. But here's the deal, in two weeks or so I'm heading off to University, so before long I'll be living a decrepit and moneyless existence, tumbling slowly but surely into financial ruin as a result of tuition and accommodation fees :D

I feel I may have but a short while in which I can justify a graphics card purchase, whilst I have money in the bank!

So let's say I RMA my 285, I'd imagine it takes several weeks to complete the process, several weeks without PC gaming! This won't do at all!

I've got my eye on an ATI 5870, the performance seems appropriately better than my current 285, runs cooler and uses less energy.

It's hard to believe a year has passed since the 5870 was launched, but this makes me wonder what ATI has in store for its next wave of GPUs, and when they are likely to surface.

Other than the 5870, can you guys recommend an alternative upgrade to see me through the next couple of years crash free?

Price isn't too much of an issue (at the moment :P) but I'm probably not going to go for 3 foot behemoth such as the 5970 due to my case (an Antec 300).

What do you think I should do?


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  1. Honestly I wouldn't upgrade from the 285, there is nothing that is really worth while in terms of single card upgrades. I know you are kind of in a bind, but when you at school will you be doing much gaming? If not I would just suck it up untill school starts and then have your GPU RMA'ed during the first few weeks of class.

    Now if you plan on playing a lot of games during the first couple weeks of school, than thats another story....

    Thats just me, however.
  2. Agree, if you want to upgrade then go with HD5870 or even HD5970, any card below that would consider as downgrade...
    So stay with your plan, RMA your card ot get a replacement...
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Aside from HD 5970, i wouldn't recommend any other cards because although 5870 is faster than a GTX 285 but its not worth the upgrade.
    Since your case doesn't fit a 5970,then you may want to wait for newer cards.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys,

    What does the rumour mill have to say about the next wave of GPUS from ATI? Do they generally follow a yearly upgrade cycle? When are they likely to be released?
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