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Hey all,

Few short questions,
lets say i have sound card optical out and 5.1 jacks for computer speakers, now if i plug that optical into my amp from sound card (amp is also connected to the tv)
when the amp isn't selected to play from the computer will the 5.1 computer speakers play with out changing of software settings or will they both be playing automatically when it is selected on the amp, if so drop a brand name and model, im running pci atm
Please leave a comment on this confusing grey area with more information
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  1. If you have an AV Amp that is connected to your TV and your Computer, whatever input is selected on the AV Amp will output from the AV Amp, if you also have speakers connected to the Computer via the output jacks (analog connectors) then these will not be affected by the AV Amps input selection and will be independant of the AV Amps output.
  2. Hey still no go, iv got some specs of both amp and sound card if you could look into this. iv got the jack coming out of the computer as spdif out, into a optical cable that optical cable then goes into my amp (no jack required) labelled on the amp port cd

    JVC Receiver RX-7032V

    Manufacturer: JVC
    Product MPN
    MPN rx7032v
    Key Features
    Type What is "Type"? Receiver
    Number of Channels What is "Number of Channels"? 6.1 Channels
    Surround Sound What is "Surround Sound"? Dolby Digital® • DTS® • DTS ES® • Dolby Pro Logic II
    Inputs / Outputs
    Rear Input Connectors What is "Rear Input Connectors"? RCA (2 Audio Channels) x 6 • Digital Coaxial x 1 • Digital Optical x 3 • S-Video x 3
    Rear Output Connectors What is "Rear Output Connectors"? Digital Optical x 1 • S-Video x 2
    Surround Analog Inputs 5.1 Channels x 1
    Tuner Presets 30 Channels
    Remote Control
    Remote Control Type Standard
    Design Keypad
    Width 17.13 in.
    Depth 16.73 in.
    Height 6.20 in.
    Warranty 2 Years

    Manual as above

    Analog Output Jack:

    3.50mm mini jack *4 (Front/Side/Center-Subwoofer/Back)
    Analog Input Jack:
    3.50mm mini jack *1 (Line-In/Mic-In)
    Other line-level analog input (for CD-IN/TV Tuner):
    Aux-In (4-pin header on the card)
    Digital S/PDIF Output:
    High-bandwidth Optical Connector supports 192KHz/24bit (shared with Back surround output jack)
    Front-Panel Header:
    Intel HDA front-panel compatible and supports HP jack-detection and automatically switch audio output from back-panel to front
    S/PDIF Header:
    Additional SPDIF-out header for connecting graphics card with HDMI audio output

    If you copy paste the above into the address bar will bring up specs for sound card.
    Thanks heaps for your help so far very much appreciated.
  3. I'm assumin you have seperate computer speakers here, how are they connected to your PC (i.e. what soundcard outputs are you using for just the speakers (coax spdif, optical, analogue)).

    for example 1 if you want to split the optical output from the souncard so that one goes to the AV reciever and one goes to the speakers then you will need an optical Y-Splitter (normally with a tosling connector) with 3x optical cables, one going to the AV Reciever, one to the speakers and one to the soundcard all connected together with the Y-connector.

    for example 2 if the connectors are COAX SPDIF then you will need a RCA/PHONO splitter to split the signals between the AV Reciever, the speakers and the sound card, requiring 3x COAX SPDIF RCA/PHONO connector cables.

    Now if your PC speakers are connected via analogue connector (3.5mm jacks) and the AV Receiver via a digital source (Optical Toslink or Coax SPDIF) you shoud be able to output to both unless your sound card can only do one at a time.
  4. Hi
    Thank you for the quick reply in relation to your question i think ill run with you the point of this, i aimed to have my computer connected to my amp so that when i would have a party or drinks i could out put the music from my computer to the 7.1 amp, and some time in the future to have the video connected as well via hdmi from my vid card. ultimately using my computer as a media station.

    now the computer speakers i mentioned in my first thread are connect from the front out and centre/subwoofer straight from sound card to my sub that has an av ports for you speakers,
    but these dont concern me as iv got them working for the time being.

    so connection the the amo from the computer as,
    from sound card to an SPDIF adapter to the optical 15f to an in on the amp now iv got the amp on the right setting so it out puts to the speakers but no bananas.

    In relation to dadiggles thread um the tv doesn't really come into play until i get the sound worked out and yes the selector on the amp is correct to what the input is.

    Later reading this horrible user manual/box it mentions (Connecting VGA card via new S/PDIF header for hdmi output) i beleive this means i can connect the sound card to my video card and then hdmi straight to the tv my tv i know already works for the amp so i just need the cable to do so any ideas this is a bit of a grey area for myself

    video card is a ATI radeon 5570 saphire and does have the HDMI output

    Thank you once again for your help
  5. The sound card has spdif output header, but I think the ati has its own sound processor.
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