hdmi used to show beautiful image on my 50" LG plasma tv.
all of a sudden it stopped showing.
Can anyone please help me get the image back?

... I know that the hdmi wire is not broken because I use it with my x-box 360 gaming console and it shows a beautiful HD image.
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  1. Did you recently change anything with the computer?
  2. i dont beleive so ... no.
    the pc i use is an asus.
    and i have windows vista.
    i just dont get it, before it was just plug and play
  3. Does the HDTV have more than one HDMI port?

    Can you connect the HDMI cable to a monitor or other HDTV?
  4. thats what my goal is, is to try and make the image from my laptop show on my plasma.
    yes i have 2 other HDMI ports, i tried all of the ports... still nothing :(

    i only have one monitor and 1 hdtv
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