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Gtx 460 in sli screen tearing

So I just got my 2 evga gtx 460 superclocked ee 1gb cards installed and some weird things are happening. I get screen tearing/jerking on "almost" all my games when im in the menu screen however when I'm in game there is nothing. example just cause 2 has such bad tearing the its hard to see the menu option yet the seconds it loads it all goes away. I have forced vsync on and of and that makes no difference. the only thing I can think is could it be my sli bridge since both cards work alone just fine? Also why would it just be in the menu and not the game itself?

CPU: Intel I7 920 2.66 overclocked to 3.3
Memory: DDR3 1600 6gb Kingston hyper x
Motherboard: msi x58 pro E
Power supply: 850w cooler master silent pro
Case: Thermaltake V9
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    Update your Motherboard BIO's, if that doesn't help do the following

    Try playing with 1 card and see if it works fine, then the other. if both work fine its not the individual cards. then try different positions on the pci-e 16x slots. if the same problem occurs(assuming you haven't found the problem already) try different SLi bridges.

    If none of that works it could be OS/Driver issues, maybe clear out your drivers and do a re-install.
  2. Try these newER drivers.
    You could try going in to Nvidia control panel, and adjusting the slider towards image quality, in the adjust image settings with preview tab.
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