Crossfire HD6950

I have this system:
AMD Phenom II x4 970
ATi Radeon HD5670
4gb DDR3 1066mhz ram
320gb hdd
OCZ 400w PSU.
These are the parts i want to get:
ATi Radeon HD6950 2gb
Antec TP750w Modular.
Will the psu run it, and in the long run, will it crossfire it?
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  1. Yes, it can run two of those with room to spare. If you have a crossfire mobo.
  2. thanks
  3. What is your CPU clocked at? 6870 crossfire may be a little more "even" with your CPU, IMO. 6950s (6970s after you flash them) are overkill in crossfire for games today (and likely for a while) anyways. *shrug

    If you do go the 6950 route, be sure to flash them to 6970s (look it up, if you haven't). Then you'll be able to tell if you're bottlenecking them or not if you get a significant increase in performance. :)

    Ah ic you're looking for crossfire in the future. Maybe BD (BullDozer) will work on your mobo in the future. *shrug :) Nvm I guess.
  4. okay, my cpu is at stock 3.5ghz
  5. Yeah, that Antec should be more than enough for two 6950s. I'm guessing you're going to go with one now, and add another down the line for crossfire.
  6. Yeah. Ok, thanks guys
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