Is it possible to take an old hard drive and use it in a new computer?

Specifically, I'm trying to figure out some solutions for my mom's single-store business, whose computers are aging, and I have a partslist, but do I have to buy an entirely new hard drive?
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  1. if the drive is more then 3 years old she will be better to get a new one that she could use in her system or for back up before the old one let her go .
  2. Depending upon the age of the drive, and how "mission critical" the data is, repurposing a drive into a new build is ok. I recently upgraded my main rig and used the old 500GB drive, and it is still going strong. The drive was about 3 years old.

    If the drive is 6+ years old, and the computer is used a lot, you might want to consider replacing it. Also - older hard drives can be IDE, where the new computers are all using SATA. There could be big speed differences between a SATA I and SATA III drive as well.
  3. Scout - didn't mean to "dispute" your post - didn't see it when I was typing. 3 years of heavy usage does take it's toll on a drive.
  4. since she is gone use it in a store busisess it would be safe for her to have a back up ,we never know what could happens . it is ok Ronin Texas if more of us give him info that wil be usefull for him and his mom .
  5. I've looked, and half of them are IDE and half of them are SATA I. None of them are newer than 2007. Guess it'd be a better idea to get a new one. :P
  6. get her a sata one and keep the other for back up it wont work all day so it could be usefull for some more years to come .
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