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I have a Toshiba a205 Laptop computer and Toshiba HDDR640E03X external hard drive. I reloaded from CD to what I had when I got it out of the box. I now want to load the files from my Toshiba external drive but can find no information on what should be a simple task. Everybody sells external hard drives but not one company puts out how to use them to restore files!
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    if you copied files to the external drive in the first place, you must surely know how to copy them back to your laptop's hard drive?

    I use Copy and Paste, but you can also open two windows and use Drag-and-Drop.
    Both techniques are basic Windows stuff.
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  3. I am trying to move backup files from my Toshiba 640gb external harddrive to my toshiba satellite a205 computer. I was able to drag and drop some of the files from backup to computer but after they are in the C drive how do I get the system to put them to use? (my backup has nine files in it, boot, images, My Files, restore, rich-pc, grldr, MediaID.bin, menu.lst, and setup) I moved four of them to the computer, my files, images, restore, and rich-pc. What do I do now?
  4. If you have restored your laptop from the factory recovery disc, the only backup files on external drive that you need to restore to C: drive are your own data files:
    Pictures, Videos, Documents and Music.

    Just copy the individual files into the appropriate folders on C: drive.
  5. phil - i am in same situation as rich, not sure you totally appreciate the problem. It was SO easy to do a windows backup, just hit a few keys. There is no easy key to push to retrieve these from the ext drive, folders and all. I have many many folders with many jpegs, then word documents. It's very easy to say "just copy them back" the folder structure you are left with on the hard drive is confusing and files are slit up with other folders. I guess I am looking for a command to just them back where they should be! I don't think there is such a thing. -waiting for a solution myself.
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