Cable connection through dlink dsl g604t gen 2 router

i have a cable connection to the internet. my mother inlaw gave me a dlink router dsl g604t gen 2 i am trying to hook it up so i can bring my ps3 on line while keeping my pc hooked up through cable connection. so i just want to use the dlink as a router only is this possible. i am running Ethernet cable out of my cable modem in to the router LAN port 1 and another Ethernet cable from the router to my pc .doing this my internet still works and my Sony picks up the wireless signal but wont let me connect. how can i fix this please if possible
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  1. There's a reason they sell DSL routers and Cable routers -- I suspect that's why your approach isn't working. My understanding is the router and stuff connected to it expect to be connected via the DSL port, not an ethernet port.

    But you might try playing with the router's IP address.
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