Atx motherboard psu problems solution

i have tried to build my own pc tech specs are -processor core i7 2600k -mobo gigabyte ph67a-ud3-b3, the thing is i have tested three psu's one being mps 550, 550W- another psxA 840 V2.2, 560W, and then testing with PS-5181_3HB1 at 180W makes the fan spin and one of the phase leds on the mobo comme to live, my question being WTF, can anyone please help me out here and tell me what i might be doing wrong
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  1. I am afraid I don't fully understand your question.

    You have the parts listed, it would also be helpful if you gave the rest of the parts, RAM GPU.

    What I seem to understand is...

    You have put your system together, and when you turn the power on only the fans turn on and that's it?

    You have also used 3 different PSU's?

    FYI the 180Watt PSU won't be able to power anything that it needs to, so you will have to use either the 550 or 560 Watt PSU.
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