Freezing and sudden Reboots

Hey gang,
so I built my own system. The specs are as follows:

Gigabyte 890fxa ud5 mobo
AMD phenom X 4 965 BE
4 GB RAM Corsair Dominator
Sapphire ATI Radeon 5770
700w power supply
windows 7 pro 64 bit
air cooling (2X200mm fans and 1X120mm fan)
along with the basic HDD and optical drives

The problem is this:
It freezes forcing me to do a hard shutdown OR it will suddenly just reboot in midstream. It does this while I am playing games like elder scrolls IV or Battlefield 2 or even while I am just on the internet. It used to register a 4101 error for the display driver but I removed catalyst and now the only error thatappears when it happens is a 41 error code for Kernel power everytime it shuts down improperly.

This is what I have checked/done:
updated drivers for video card/mobo/chipset
removed Catalyst
dropped from aero to basic
Reduced all graphics settings to lowest possible
checked the cabling and seating of the Video Card
Checked the temp of the card and system. (both are very cool even to the touch)

I am now at a loss. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance gang.

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  1. Could be your PSU, what is the brand name and model?
  2. It is actually 750w corsar TX 750
  3. Oh I also flased the bios already
  4. I ran both memtest86 as well as the windows memtest and both turned up no errors.
  5. Chances are that there might be something wrong with the card but then there have been some complaints on this forum about the latest drivers.
  6. Yeah I have seen others having similar issues but noone has had a real solution yet. I was hoping that someone did and just didn't post it and this thread would remind them what they did to fix it.
  7. OK new symptom.

    I woke up this morning and turned on my system. As soon as it tried to load windows I got the bsod and a reboot.
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