Is "M2N-MX SE Plus" compatible with "ATI Radeon HD 5750"


After inserting the graphics card "ATI Radeon HD 5750" to the motherboard "M2N-MX SE Plus", the computer cannot operate normally and the screen shows eternal darkness. Is the graphics card compatible with this motherboard? How can I fix the problem? Any BIOS upgrade needed?

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  1. Already tried the latest version of driver?
  2. Do you mean the driver for the graphics card? Would you please tell me the latest version?
    you can download the latest driver there...
  4. This is not a graphics driver issue. Once again, we're dealing with a PCI-E 2.1 graphics card being installed on a motherboard with a PCI-E 1.0/1.0a slot. And yes, you probably do need a BIOS update. Given the age of the board and the date of the last BIOS update (11/4/2008), it's possible the card will remain incompatible.

    You need to go here, select your OS, and expand the BIOS portion. The 0602 BIOS is the most recent, so download it. Also, in the BIOS-Utilities section, get the update tool.

    Again, I am not certain this will enable compatibility with that video card. If it does, great. If not, consider an older generation, PCI-E 2.0 card, such as an HD4850 or something from nVidia.
  5. Some of the older motherboards, PCIe 1.x slot, have had issues with new PCIe 2.1 cards. Motherboard manufacturers have fixed it with BIOS updates in some cases.
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