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ok guyz im stuck, ive been posting about on toms to find a solution to my problem but nothings come to work yet.

My pc lags like it thinks its a master system running crysis on max. Its now doing it on every game new or old. I built the pc my self only knowing
how to put the parts together and a little other knowlage. So i think its time to reformat and start from scratch and find out how to setup my pc properly this time.

Can any one help me from start to finish on what drivers etc i must have and bios settings for my hardware. Im willing to pay if any one could set my pc up perfectly and
make it run as it should. I belive i should still beable to run any game on med and atm im running on very low and still lagging bad.

any info you need please let me know. once ive fixed it who ever helped me ill surly pay them for the kind help

pc spec.

win7 ult 64 bit
E8400 hyper 212 plus heatsink/fan oc @ 3.2ghz
asus p5n-D 750I
4 gig ddr2 800 ocz reaper HPC
GTX260 sp216
ocz gamesXtreme 700W
320 gb HD 7200 rpm
plus a few externals for storage
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  1. 1. Clear CMOS and load defaults. Make no other changes to BIOS.
    2. Disconnect all HDs except the one to be used as "C"
    3. Re-install Win7 reformatting (clearing) the entire HD.
    4. Boot into Windows.
    5. Load the chipset drivers provided on the CD that came with the mobo, rebooting after each install.
    6. If you have a wired connection, you now should have Internet access. If you are using wireless, do whatever you have to do to enable it and connect.
    7. Download Prime95, Furmark, and CPUID's Hardware Monitor.
    8. Run Prime95 (with "Detect Rounding Errors" checked) on all cores, watching temperatures with Hardware Monitor. If it crashes for other than heat reasons, its likely a memory problem.
    9. Go to nVidia's web site and use auto-detect to let them suggest the driver to download. Download and install the drivers. Reboot.
    10. Run Furmark, same rules as in #8.
    11. Run Prime95 and Furmark together if you can, watching heat carefully.

    Load a game you know your FPS for, and see if your FPS is restored.

    After you are satisfied things are better or no different, you can think about hooking aup other drives (virus?), or installing the latest mobo drivers from the web site.

    Do so one at a time, and re-verify your FPS is maintained.

    Good Luck! And let us know, success or fail.
  2. brillent thx alot, The problem is i have no drivers at all on cd.
    If you get time could any one show me wich drivers i need to get and ill burn them to cd

    Also i heard that the default settings on my MB are not correct and the ram settings/voltage are wrong?
  3. Edit: Before doing the above, please let us know what revision your BIOS is.
  4. Sure, just did that lol - Go to Asus web site and download one nVidia chipset driver, one Realtek Audio Driver, and 1 SATA RAID driver.

    If your RAM settings are incorrect, we'll catch that and deal with it on a real not a rumor basis. If they are sub-optimal, it won't affect your FPS. So we'll worry about that later too.
  5. ok im doing the format tomrow so ill get back asap, its midnight now in the uk so bed time soon lol
  6. Nitey night - US, Eastern here.
  7. Twoboxer, between Steps 5 and 6, install firewall and antivirus software.
    Between Steps 6 and 7, download OS, firewall, and anti-virus updates.
  8. Yeah, I see your point. Guess I have an old prejudice against installing AV stuff before installing the fundamental kit to avoid issues. Maybe I should advance into the 21st century lol.

    And I have a second rig for those eastern porn sites, so maybe I don't see the need :)
  9. ok this is the drivers ive downloaded:

    chipset: NVIDIA nForce C55/MCP51 Chipset Package Driver V15.37 for Windows 7/64bit 7.(WHQL)

    Audio: Realtek ALC883 Audio Driver V6.0.1.5859 for Windows 7 and Windows 64bit 7.(WHQL)

    Sata: NVIDIA MCP51 SATA RAID Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 64bit XP/Vista/7.(WHQL)

    nvidia gfx driver: 260.89

    is this all the drivers i need?


    Well well. some ones just told me to run malwarebytes in safemode and it found a good few infections, so i deleted them and now i can play games 10x less lag as before.
    Its still not as it should be but a dam sight better. But time to format. will reply once done
  10. Well, you found some viri - and by far the best way to get rid of them for sure is to reformat as suggested on an isolated "C" drive.

    Scroll back and see JSC's comment if you haven't - since you've been burned once, at some point you need to install firewall and antivirus. Personally, I prefer to do this after the basic drivers are loaded, but BEFORE you go to ANY other sites. OTOH, its hard to argue with doing them before connecting to any network or going on line . . . if you can.
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