Trying to burn Mac os x .ISO onto a dvd-r DL 8.5 gig disc FROM windows

So i have a .ISO that i want to put on this dvd-r DL 8.5gb disc, but i need to do it from my windows PC. Wondering if i can just do the CMD's to transfer media from a mounted .ISO to the disc as bootable, and it work when i put it in the mac laptop i have. Just reformating the laptop, but i've never messed with macs in my entire idk if it will read it or not. please help! thanks!
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  1. If you don't have a osx disc, I think it's advised to make a bootable usb with osx on it. This works very well (on a mac, but you should be able to do the same on win7 somehow).
  2. well my friend somehow saved his osx files on his computer and he uses them for reformats, but its like 7.5 gigs and all i have for flash drives are 4gb. that's why i bought the dual layer disc with 8.5 gigs, but i think im just going to give it a go through windows and try it on the laptop
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    If you have a good OS X ISO, all you have to do is burn the ISO to the DVD and you'll be good to go. Just like burning any other ISO.
  4. thanks, wanted to make sure before i messed something up. does 7.5gb sound right for 10.5 mac os x? i was surprised to see that its double my windows 7 ultimate os.
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  6. Yes, you need a DVD-DL to accommodate OS X. The full install is huge.
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